2017 VOLVO V90 CC


Elegant, yet rugged. Practical, yet refined. The 2017 V90 Cross Country combines a comfortable, engaging driving experience and all-road, all-weather capability. An adventure crossover designed for adventure. Ready to go whenever you are.


Up to the mountains, through the woods, or down the shore. Whatever you demand of Volvo's newest crossover vehicle, it's all-road large wheels and impressive ground clearance will get you there in luxurious comfort. And with its all-weather capability, weather will be no obstacle.


At the intersection of Scandinavian design and sophisticated technology is the Volvo V90 Cross Country's cabin. It's an elegant interior with every component working in harmony and designed around you.

The soundtrack of your journey

Score your escape with Premium Sound by Bowers & Wilkins. It enriches your favorite music, because exceptional journeys deserve exceptional soundtracks.

Breathe easy

ClearZone filters particulates and odors, closing the air intake if pollutant levels rise. So no matter where you are, the air is cleaner on the inside.

A natural feeling

Even if your travels keep you inside city limits, the panoramic roof stretches from the front to the rear seats and opens to let in more light and air. Paired with a cabin already flooded with natural light, the car is an escape in itself.


Let the Volvo V90 Cross Country be your guide. Get there quickly and easily with Sensus Navigation. It's intuitive design allows for effortless interaction and effortless exploration.

Detect and respond

Large animal detection is critical when exploring backroads and mountain ranges. City Safety detects danger ahead and helps you avoid collisions with large animals, pedestrians, and cyclists by braking automatically.

Back up when you want it

Pilot Assist can make gentle adjustments to the steering to help keep the car within the lane markings, all the way up to highway speeds. But once you hit a more exhilarating road, you switch Pilot Assist off and take charge.

Connected on command

The moment you desire, Volvo On Call connects you and your Volvo to the world and lets you control the car from your phone - from pre-heating the cabin to creating a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Begin your journey

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