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Volvo Mild Hybrid

Enjoy a refined driving experience with lower fuel usage and tailpipe emissions in a new Volvo Mild Hybrid from Prestige Volvo in East Hanover, NJ.


Go the extra mile in a new Volvo Mild Hybrid. No plug‑in is required.

You may be wondering — what is a Volvo Mild Hybrid. Volvo Mild Hybrid vehicles use an internal combustion engine and a 48‑volt electric motor, but unlike full hybrids, they don't run on electric power alone. The electric motor assists the engine during acceleration, providing an instant boost of torque and improving performance. A Volvo Mild Hybrid SUV, car, or wagon is an excellent choice for drivers in Parsippany and Montclair who want an eco‑friendly luxury vehicle that is both efficient and powerful. The combination of the combustion engine and electric motor provides a balance of performance and sustainability, while the advanced safety features that Volvo is known for ensuring that drivers and passengers are well‑protected on the road.

To experience the Volvo lineup from the three‑row Vovo XC90 mild hybrid SUV to the sporty Volvo S60 mild hybrid sedan for yourself, visit our Volvo dealership convenient location at 285 East Route 10 East Hanover, NJ 07936, for a test drive today.

Benefits of driving a Volvo Mild Hybrid

Volvo's mild hybrid technology offers a range of benefits that make it an attractive choice for drivers from Livingston and West Orange looking for a more efficient and sustainable luxury vehicle.

Volvo driving down curved highway

Smoother drive

Enhance your driving experience with the new integration of mild hybrid technology in your favorite Volvo models. With instantaneous engine restarts, East Hanover drivers can seamlessly transition from standstill to motion, resulting in a smoother and more enjoyable drive.

Three Volvos parked in front of a beach

Lower fuel consumption

The integrated starter generator in Volvo's mild hybrid models actively minimizes engine load, resulting in lower fuel consumption, particularly during urban driving scenarios such as navigating the streets of New York City.

Chart showing extra power from integrated starter generator

More power

The integrated starter generator gets extra power from saved electric energy produced from the brakes, which it uses to boost the combustion engine to deliver a powerful acceleration as you drive around West Orange.

Volvo mild hybrid range

Explore the range of Volvo mild hybrids at Prestige Volvo Cars East Hanover in New Jersey. From the seven‑passenger Volvo XC90 mild hybrid SUV and the compact Volvo XC40 mild hybrid SUV to the sporty Volvo S60 mild hybrid sedan, there is a mild hybrid for everyone.

XC90 image

Volvo XC90 Mild Hybrid

B5 & B6 Engines

Seats up to 7

All‑Wheel Drive

XC60 image

Volvo XC60 Mild Hybrid

B5 & B6 Engines

Seats up to 5

All‑Wheel Drive

XC40 Image

Volvo XC40 Mild Hybrid

B4 & B5 Engines

Seats up to 5


S90 image

Volvo S90 Mild Hybrid

B6 Engine

Seats up to 5

All‑Wheel Drive

S60 image

Volvo S60 Mild Hybrid

B5 Engine

Seats up to 5


Prestige Volvo Answers

Volvo Mild Hybrid FAQs

A mild hybrid car is a vehicle that combines an internal combustion engine with a small electric motor and a battery. The electric motor provides additional power to the engine, improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions. However, mild hybrids cannot run on electricity alone unlike full hybrid cars.

A mild hybrid, also known as MHEV or the integrated started generator (ISG), uses regenerative braking to capture the energy normally lost during braking. This energy is stored in a small battery to help power the electric motor, which assists the internal combustion engine when the car is accelerating. The electric motor cannot power the car on its own, but it can reduce the load on the engine, making it more efficient

Mild hybrid SUVs and cars offer several benefits, including improved fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and lower operating costs. They also provide a smoother and quieter driving experience, as the electric motor can assist the engine during acceleration.

The main difference between mild hybrid and plug‑in hybrid vehicles is the size and power of their electric motors and battery packs. In a mild hybrid, the electric motor is relatively small and primarily used to assist the internal combustion engine during acceleration. The battery pack is also small and cannot propel the vehicle alone. In contrast, a full hybrid has a larger and more powerful electric motor and battery pack, allowing it to operate on electricity alone for short distances. The more advanced control systems of a full hybrid also optimize the use of the electric motor and internal combustion engine, resulting in more significant gains in efficiency and reduced emissions.

Other Volvo electrified powertrains

Available at Prestige Volvo Cars East Hanover

Electric Volvo being plugged in

Volvo Recharge pure electric

The Volvo Recharge pure electric vehicles are Volvo's all‑electric vehicles that offer zero‑emission driving, making it an ideal choice for East Hanover car shoppers who are environmentally conscious. With a range of up to 250 miles on a single charge, this vehicle is perfect for long‑distance journeys while delivering a safe and comfortable driving experience.

Volvo charging at station

Recharge plug‑in hybrid

Volvo Recharge plug‑in hybrid vehicles offer a unique blend of electric and gasoline power, providing Morristown drivers with the best of both worlds. With the ability to run on electricity for short commutes and switch to gasoline for longer trips, these vehicles provide the flexibility and efficiency that modern drivers demand while reducing their environmental impact.

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Volvo Mild Hybrids for Sale in East Hanover, NJ

Are you in the market for an eco‑friendly luxury vehicle near Livingston, West Orange, or Morristown? Look no further than the range of Volvo Mild Hybrid SUVs, cars, and wagons available at Prestige Volvo in East Hanover, NJ. Volvo Mild hybrids are great choices for drivers from Montclair and East Hanover who want to save money on fuel costs, reduce their environmental impact, and enjoy the benefits of advanced automotive safety technology. And our New Jersey Volvo has the luxury mild hybrid vehicle that fits your needs, from the midsize Volvo XC90 mild hybrid SUV and Volvo XC60 mild hybrid SUV to the sporty Volvo S60 mild hybrid car.

Purchase your new mild hybrid car the way you want with at‑home or in‑store shopping. You pick the way you buy. You can buy or lease your new Volvo mild hybrid SUV online with Prestige Express Purchase or visit our showroom on East Route 10 in East Hanover, NJ. If you have any questions feel free to call our team at (888) 299‑6074 or use the chat tool below.

Subscribe to a Volvo Mild Hybrid with Care By Volvo

Prestige Volvo can help provide a simple and flexible luxury car ownership experience with the Care By Volvo program. Care By Volvo is Volvo's all‑inclusive car subscription — for one monthly payment — Montclair and East Hanover drivers can drive away in a new Volvo mild hybrid SUV, car, or wagon, complete with insurance coverage, maintenance, roadside assistance, and more. Plus, you can switch to a different Volvo mild hybrid model you're driving or cancel after five months. Learn more about Care By Volvo and the flexible way of driving a new Volvo Mild Hybrid by clicking the Get Subscription Quote on any in‑stock luxury Volvo vehicle on our lot.

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